Secrets Of the Sea

The company is born over 30 years ago, in 1976 when a group of passionate french men gather to give shape and life to their creative ideas. In 1986 the company moves to the town of Tarn, and later in 1999 to Graulhet, its current home.

Passionate about everything that could move above our heads, about sharing emotions with as big as an audience as possible, passionate about open public spaces, everyday places, places to gather with otters – where you can meet people… Passionate about cultivating, and guiding people and spectators through a city, always trying to answer the question: how can i have everyone experience the same thing at once?

Our experiences and investigation work allowed us to materialise and give life to specific characters: inflatables. These enormous marionettes over look the crowds from above, and playing with obstacles before them they glide through the streets, introducing themselves in balconies and squeezing through alleys… The inflatables are directed from the ground by actors that mingle with the crowd: these actors manipulate the marionettes. The characters incorporate their own bodies to the natural behaviour of the inflatables, creating a fantastic experience, always staying close to the audience, allowing the public to feel, play, dance, run and disappear with them… always keeping in sight the most important feature…. to tell a beautiful story.

Fantastical. The mysteries of the ocean imagined in a larger-than-life production that pushes innovation and live performance to unexpected heights.

Chas H
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You have to see this to believe it! I don't even know how to start explaining it...
Jake L
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Imagine gigantic, beautifully designed fantastical sea creatures floating above you. With live performers! Great
Brian G
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It almost feels otherworldly. If you can, go!
Alison T
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This was absolutely mesmerizing. Truly beautiful and worth it. So glad I got to experience it.

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