Evil Dead The Musical

The laugh-out-loud, record-breaking Canadian cult classic musical is a fan favourite in Toronto with ticket buyers lining up to purchase the best “Splatter Zone” seats in the theatre as soon as tickets were on sale. Often selling out in advance of the show, the “splatter zone” seats are some of the best in the house.

The “Splatter Zone” will be increased this year to include more rows from the front of the theatre for super fans who can’t get enough of blood “splatter” during their favourite scenes of death and destruction in the woods. Audience members are covered in fake blood as part of the ‘real-life’ effects that take place during scenes in the show. In addition to some dismembered limbs, demons telling bad jokes and catchy tunes (Look Who’s Evil Now, All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Demons), the show features a saucy combination of wit and sexual innuendo that keeps audiences laughing.

The original Canadian production, based on Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead film series, opened in Toronto in 2003 and enjoyed an immensely popular run, and went on to have over 200 productions presented around the world. With sold-out houses and rave reviews from critics, the franchise is now more popular than ever.

Evil Dead The Musical is the most fun you can have at the theatre. It’s a show everyone loves – even if you don’t love musicals,” said Corey Ross, president of Starvox Entertainment. “Since being called ‘the next Rocky Horror Show’ by The New York Times, the show has been touring around the world, so all can enjoy the evil fun.”

Evil Dead The Musical’s book and lyrics are by George Reinblatt, with music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris and George Reinblatt. Musical supervision by Frank Cipolla and additional lyrics by Christopher Bond with additional music by Rob Daleman. George Reinblatt is a widely known comedy writer, who has been a writer on multiple Comedy Central Roasts, including the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.

Wild and Woolly! Silly, fun, loosely campy. Bottom Line: PUT ON YOUR EVIL DEAD TEE-SHIRT AND GO!

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Shannon H
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Loved the show!!! Sad I couldn't have gone more than once.
Wes K
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Amazing time! You guys were fantastic!
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Nicholas P
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We went & had a wonderful time. What a fantastic show you all put on. Thank You.
Char M
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The show was fantastic! Thanks for making it memorable!

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